Hi! I'm Angela,

I'm an award-winning creative director currently in San Francisco leading creative direction at Segment, the leading customer data platform (acquired by Twilio). Before that, I led work for Google, Sephora, Microsoft & more over the past 10 years.

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We needed to add delight and engagement to the Google Cloud Next conference. Created vibrant illustrations and animations for key conference moments, also available to be experienced in-person in 3D Virtual Reality at the event.

🌟 Online reach of 2M+ users
🌟 35K+ attendees
🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Design





Segment needed to define its brand identity and centralize all specifications in order to maintain consistency across our work and allow for flexibility of use. I spearheaded our brand guidelines and Visual System across logo, color, illustration, iconography, typography + more.

🎩 Role: Creative Direction; Art Direction

Segment brand hero mini





Segment's first virtual conference. Creative Directed branding across the integrated campaign, including the conference platform, ads, and speaker session videos.

🌟 Over 6k attendees
🎩 Role: Creative Direction





AJ+ (Al-Jazeera) wanted to tell the story of a disastrous oil spill in Nigeria. The solution? An impactful film and campaign.

🌟 2.7M+ views
🌟 Winner of One World Media award by Google
🌟 Selected for Vancouver Film Festival

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Illustration Lead, Animation Lead


Created a clear creative vision for the Sephora EDU brand.

Conceptual & hands-on creative lead for the redesign of a cohesive visual system. Includes illustration, animation, UI.

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design Lead





We needed a demonstrative way to deliver new product info to our store employees. We created a series of videos to highlight September 2019's new product launches.

Includes live-action and motion graphics.

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Creative Direction


LiveNation (Ticketmaster owner) wanted to shine a light on their newest talent. We created a virtual reality music video + experiential campaign for DJ Slaptop's most loyal fans, at a one-night-only event.

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Illustration


A one-of-a-kind social media activation: tens of thousands from Google's audience submitted Halloween costume requests. We then created the ideas as animated illustrations and the creations were published live in realtime.

The campaign received several million impressions and is still garnering more

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Illustration


Invited among 10 creative leaders globally to form the Microsoft Creator Council and create campaigns to drive developer awareness of their tools.

Worked closely with User Research & Product Marketing to create a proof-of-concept campaign inspiring creators and showcasing the capabilities of the tools.

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design


A selection of stop-motion experiments, an e-commerce shop, and a concept for a kids' rideshare app.

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Bloomingdale's wanted to make a statement about Planet Earth. I directed a short film to remind our fellow citizens of the underwater world's beauty.

Exclusively available at the New York location for a limited time.

🎩 Role: Creative Direction


The top beauty school in the country needed to refresh its visual identity. I led the effort of a visual system redesign.

Includes redefining the color palette, typography, and logotype, plus some video spots and print.

🎩 Role: Conceptual, Creative Direction, Art Direction


A collection of illustrations, animations, and videos.

🌟 1200+ prints sold
🌟 45k+ views on Instagram

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