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Segment is a data product. I defined the brand and visual systems in preparation of a high-profile exit - including strategy and creative across all touchpoints. we got acquired by twilio for $3.2B.
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I spearheaded our brand refresh, the development of our brand guidelines, brand system, illustration system, and the accompanying design system. This work cemented the gold standard for the Segment brand in advance of its $3.2B acquisition.


Our iconography style was developed with our own logomark as inspiration - each icon is designed with continuous lines interrupted by one or two dots symbolizing data points.



Our illustration style was a critical portion of our brand identity -- developing an illustrative brand was a big piece of the brand identity's success. Most notably, it allowed us to solidify an approachable, relatable personality for our loyal audience of developers.

Additionally, we needed to reference our users, our users’ own customer, or the Segment persona’s identity itself, and illustrated people were the key to doing that in an engaging way.

The people illustration library and style was one of the moments where I had strong conviction about brand and product needing to live together in harmony rather than uniformity.



One key concept we recurrently needed to communicate on a marketing level is the precise power of Segment -- we needed an iconic visual that demonstrates this concept of a powerful Customer Data Platform that takes your fragmented data and turns it into powerful, clean data for your business goals.

We took that model and turned it into a visual story. The animation below demonstrates what your data looks like without Segment -- fragmented and messy -- and then with Segment. It became the most effective visual way of explaining a complex Customer Data Platform to future customers.


Angela Haddad / Maya Spivak / Ilya Volodarsky / Mo Gorelik / Jesse Parenteau / Ange Branch / Damian Redecki