Sephora EDU Redesign


⚡️ Description

I led the effort of designing a cohesive visual system for Sephora EDU. As both the conceptual + hands-on creative lead on this project, I led a team of designers, illustrators, UX developers, and writers to generate a clear creative vision for the Sephora EDU brand to be carried across all categories of educational content.

While each of the 4 pillars of educational experiences was regularly equipped with well-structured content, they lacked a confident identity, visual consistency, and a connection to client-facing Sephora experiences.

⚡️ Audience

Our learners - nationwide "Beauty Advisors" (in-store associates)


Color usage, illustration style, iconography, typography, and UI patterns

🌟  We needed to rebuild a cohesive, satisfying, effective learner experience to maintain engagement, increase learning retention, as well as inject delight. Scroll to view some of the categories. 



Internally known as "Color"

01 - Colors

🌟 The color palette for this pillar is created to reflect the most common colors of make-up.

COLOR - 12

🌟 I established guidelines for depicting people within our new visual system. Our characters have varying skin tones and hairstyles to represent diversity and embody the breadth of Beauty Advisors. Prior to this, any characters used had no visual consistency.

35 - CATEGORY Color SLIDE Celebration - hands – 2

🌟 I discovered recurrent shapes across Sephora products and converged on squares, circles, and triangles (appropriately colored for each category) as the core design elements of our new system. To establish a consistent way of referencing Sephora's iconic branding as well, we created striped textures for our shapes as an ode to our brand and its Parisian roots. These elements allowed us to create new ways of introducing delight to our experiences.

Color category

🌟 I wanted us to increase movement in our experiences, to help maintain visual engagement during learning experiences with significantly lengthy content. We created this animation as part of an experience focused on Gifting in the Color category.

🌟 (Directly below) Celebrations are critical to our learners' enthusiasm and satisfaction with our experiences. We created a few different ways to showcase celebrations upon successful completions of various Knowledge Checks and Quizzes.

Color category - Star celebration
Color category hand celebration 3

🌟 (Directly below) The introduction sequence for Color Category Quizzes


🌟 (Directly below) Screenshots of a quiz experience for the Color category.
Our previous knowledge checks were portions of the experiences that our users rarely looked forward to or found value in. We redefined the purpose of our knowledge checks, as well as their end-to-end presentation.

🌟 The reimagined Intro page to Color Category experiences. To view the shapes in motion, click here to see how they were applied in a related video.

🌟 Illustration created to represent Learning Objectives, a recurrent portion of any Sephora learning experience.

🌟 Defining the Learning Objectives to our learners at the beginning of the experience is a critical to successful retention and to maintain engagement in later portions of the experience.

🌟 I've chosen video as a medium to relay content to our learners for specific focuses that benefit from it: namely product newness and product demonstrations. Click here to view examples of videos my team and I have created.

🌟 We created a collection of icons to represent common occurences in our experiences - such as voiceover.

Addition 1

🌟 To increase engagement and satisfaction with our experiences, I wanted us to introduce some gamification to our knowledge checks.

🌟 This game prompts the user to read the animated interaction and answer the question prompted at the end.

Addition 4

🌟 An interactive knowledge check.

Addition 5

🌟 An interactive knowledge check.

🌟 We found our learners were significantly more engaged when made aware of their progress throughout their experience. We chose to create a progress bar at the bottom of our experiences as well as the choice (where appropriate) to advance to the next step.

🌟 The end page upon completion.



Systems to refer to AI-powered tools exclusive to Sephora stores.

01 - Colors
35 - CATEGORY Color SLIDE Celebration - hands – 1
35 - CATEGORY Color SLIDE Celebration - hands – 19
Systems animation