Bloomingdale's wanted to take advantage of their New York installation's increasing popularity to make a statement about Planet Earth.

In partnership with Good for the Globe, we brought to life a virtual reality and trailer campaign to remind our fellow citizens of the underwater world's beauty.

🌟 Scroll to view the trailer, and then the full VR experience.




VR Experience

The 360° piece below is watermarked. The non-watermarked experience can be viewed exclusively at Bloomingdale's New York.

🌟 To view the 360° experience below on desktop, please use Chrome and simply use your mouse or trackpad to move around the 360 degrees. If you are on a mobile device, please view it via the YouTube app.

My Role: Concept Development; Creative Direction


Senior Engineer: Adem Atalay
Technical Artist: Dmitri Lapchinski
Executive Producer: Max Mehmet Aksakal